5 Reasons Introverts Find Themselves in Sales

Feb 28, 2022
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5 Reasons Introverts Find Themselves in Sales

Sales for Introverts Podcast Episode 6 Transcript 

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Hey everybody. Welcome back to the sales for introverts podcast. This is episode six. And today. I don't know if you've noticed, I've been trying to kind of follow a general progression so far with the podcast episodes. So if you've been listening from the very beginning we are just trying to, to break into this topic about what it's like to be an introvert. There's also an, a.


Sales job. So at the very beginning we talked about, well, what is this podcast in the first place?


And since then, we've talked about all the different ramifications that have sort of been the initial questions of, wow, what is it really like? So today. We're going to talk about context. And the context specifically in this situation is. Well, how'd you even get here in the first place. Right, because maybe it's not a natural thing. That you and introvert is in a sales job, and there could be a lot of different reasons how you ended up here. Well Spoil the whole story. And we'll talk about it more a little bit, but I chose to do this.


This is something that I chose to do. On purpose going into it, knowing that it was going to be a little bit. Tough for me. But some people didn't choose this path. Some people were sort of forced to do it or maybe shoehorned into it or really needed it as part of their career requirements.


Maybe didn't really want to do it at first, but came around and found out a way and, and, and dug out a purpose in this career. So there's just a lot of different ways that you could have ended up. In a sales job or a sales facing job, or like a customer service-y kind of job. As well. So. It's worthwhile exploring these because you know,


It kind of helps us again, it's the context. It helps us build our story, build our case a little bit. And if we understand why we're here then it's going to help us figure out how we're going to move a little bit forward. Because if you're not interested in staying in a sales type role than you.


Probably making plans already to, to get out and, and to do something different. But for those of us that are, that are going to stick it out, are going to leg it out, think that we can do it, know that we can do it. You know, that's kind of the whole. Part of my program is, is helping people.


Figure out and digest how. To actually be good at sales. If you're introvert. So if that's you if you just thinking about it, not even really sure, you know, that's kind of why we have this platform. That's kind of why we have the course. No, you're always welcome to email me. If you have, if you feel like you have a specific concern that you might like some input on for some free advice, of course.


So in a lot of people are probably not as willing to ask their managers about that kind of thing. So that's why I exist. That's the whole reason that I'm here. So I'd love to talk about that, but first listen to this episode and see. Where you line up, maybe you don't. So I'd love to hear if you have a more unique situation or feel like I've just made majorly missed.


Something then let me know. Okay. So once again in case you haven't been following along. These are also. Videos are about to flip over to my video. Audio here. And this is taken straight from a video that we did on YouTube. And what we're doing is we are going to play the video for you. And then obviously we check in at the beginning and then afterwards. So just to give you


You know, I guess context is the word of the day, but we're giving you context behind the video, but also this entire video itself is just about the general context. Behind why we're doing what we're doing. Okay. So, sorry. Didn't mean to say that we're too much or be too confusing. But well, let's let's dive in to the video. It's about six minutes long, and then I will check back with you afterwards. Okay.




A sales job. Well, certainly not a natural place for us to find our introverted selves. Did you grow up doing it


Or are you a part of a family or a small business where you just kind of had to take over? Let's explore some of the ways you might've ended up here and maybe we'll feel a little less crazy.


So these are in no particular order and your reasons could be a blend of any of them. Number one intrigue. I think being intrigued with a product or service is a pretty compelling backstory. For example, you're so interested in Hawaiian agriculture that you developed a passion for exporting pineapples and coconuts or whatever you think they're the best fruits on earth.


So you naturally felt that desire to help spread the word and make a career out of it. So that's why you got into sales. Or maybe you're a car nut and you're just obsessed with details and specs about cars. Well, that would make you a great candidate to sell those kinds of you've got the passion part down.


Now you just had to figure out how to be an introvert and sell this stuff. And interesting side note is. After only a few months of study and experience, you'll probably be more knowledgeable about your products than your customers are. So you can harness that advantage for your benefit as you educate them too.


And last it's okay. If you don't share some kind of passion for your products, at least to start, you can develop an interest for your products later, even if you don't understand them that much, right? No. All right. Number two. Maybe you got into sales just, you're just slogging through it right now because it's your career path or it's a requirement that you have to do.


You're gunning for another job in management or you're cross-training for a different part of the company and whether or not you want to stay in a sales capacity full time. You probably know by now that you're going to learn a lot and you're going to push yourself in directions. You may not want to go next.


If you're just temporary in the sales world, check out the rest of my videos and website and see how you might be able to benefit if you stick it out or at least help yourself along for the time being reason. Number three, you're born into it, or you're in a small family business and you wear a lot of hats.


A lot of introverts are going to find themselves in this category. They don't want to be salespeople, but they work at a small business and maybe they're even the only employee at this business. So, sorry that makes you the head salesperson amongst other things. You know, you see these guys at the farmer's markets and art walks, et cetera, they're working it, but it's also really common for family businesses.


For kids brought up following their parents around always understanding the concept of taking care of customers. It's just what has to be done for the business to survive. And the world doesn't care. If you're introverted or extra hurted, you just got to find a way to do it. Well, that's why, I'm glad that I created sales for introverts for people just like you, because we are gonna figure it out one way or the other.


So we might as well get good at it. Reason. Number four, necessity. You just had to have a job. Well, this is not that exciting and there's not much to dive into here. If you needed a paycheck and sales was all you could find, then I'm glad you're here. And I wish you the best of luck. I think you, of all people would appreciate the sales for introverts material, as it will help you adjust quickly into your vital job and just maybe start to Excel at it.


Reason. Number five, you have a natural desire to. Well, finally, even introverts can have a natural desire to sell. I'll be honest. This was me. I chose sales among other reasons because I knew it would be the most challenging when my personality type, when I was in college. I don't think I really understood that I was an introvert and it probably would have been cool to admit it, but I definitely felt like something was off and that bothered me if others can do it.


Why not? Maybe I can be that high roller, nicely dressed person that can close huge deals and go out to nice dinners and stuff like that. Well, of course that isn't the reality most days, but there is a natural high that I saw others experiencing and it just interested me, maybe it did you too. And it might seem paradoxical, but introverts also like to perform.


Yup. Like in a play or on stage or expressing some kind of creativity to me, sales is a performance that you get paid for. And the better you are, the more you get paid, just like the better movies and musicians get paid. More money in general. Sales was just an avenue that I thought I could really give a decent shot.


And all of that was despite my deep dark introvert. It was a way for me to perform and occasionally have a little fun and don't get me wrong. I've fallen on my face too many times to count. And I've had more Tibet tomatoes fly at me, you know, but that's just part of it. But I do have that performance spirit in me and I'm glad I help or I'm glad I picked a career path that helps scratch that itch.


Well, that's all the reasons I can think of right now. So if you have others, feel free to comment below.

Love to hear it. All right. So hopefully I tapped into something there and found out a reason that you. Came into the sales world. Once again, let's recap, those five really quick number one was intrigued as in, like, there is something that intrigued you enough to want to get into the industry. Maybe you build a space shuttles or something because space exploration is just like the, you know, the coolest thing in the world to you.


And so therefore you are kind of a leading authority on it. Or you want to be a leading authority on it, and therefore you can go to Tesla or somewhere and tell them how great, you know, specials are and you want to make them for them. This kind of intrigued. Person is almost like a character out of a movie for me, you know, you're kind of not necessarily the nerdy type, but you're you are, so you're the specialist and or you want to be a specialist.


And I used an extreme example of space exploration, but think about like football or something like that, like a big popular sport. And you are just so into football. Maybe you're not the best player in the world. And so you're not going to be at the highest level, but you know, you go and work for an athletics company that makes football equipment.


Or sells it to high schools or something like that. And so you are just so into the industry that you just can't help, but be a part of the sales effort because you want to help spread the word. About how cool those kinds of products are. The next number two and number four are very similar. Number two was it's part of a career path. It's part of a requirement for you.


And there's a lot of corporate ladders out there that do have this kind of requirement. They say. You know, we don't care who you are. If you want to be an accountant here, you have to spend a year being a salesperson or in customer service. Or if you want to be an mid upper level. Management or if you want to be in that ad agency.


You know, you need to get out there and beat the streets, just like everybody else. So you can kind of understand our products really well.


But similarly number four was because it's necessity, you have to be. You just had to find a job. And it just happened to be a sales job because maybe that was just the best. Opportunity that you had at the time. So that's what you wanted to go with. And You know, I can't. Who am I to judge Reno?


People's different reasons for getting into the industry. And if that's why you got in and that's fine. Yeah. Look at you. I mean, you're listening to this right now and maybe you've taken my course. I don't know, but. You are trying to figure it out, maybe to see if it really is for you and something that you want to stick with. I mean,


I think that anybody can do it, you know, as long as they put in the effort. So, you know, kudos to you, if that is you in also, if that is you, you know what. What keeps you with it maybe was, were you a little bit surprised after you got into being in sales, what, what has kept you in the industry that you just weren't?


So jazzed about being in earlier.


In the last scenario that I thought of was just, you are naturally interested. In being in sales, like maybe you like the challenge, maybe you're just like me. You're kind of a glutton for punishment because you saw somebody else out there, like a, a football player again, who is just a master at what they do. And you were like, man, I want to do that.


Now we can't all be professional athletes, but anybody can be a salesperson. So when I saw the men and women in my life, when I was growing up being successful at sales. And I learned about what they had to do and the challenges they had to face and the compensation that they made in the paths, they were able to cut for themselves.


Through the thick of the business world, I was just like, you know what? I can do that too. And so that was the motivation for me. Right or wrong or indifferent. In, in, so I didn't exactly. Maybe evaluate my personality. That well honestly, I didn't really know. I was an introvert until I got into my mid thirties.


So obviously when I made my career choice to do what I do now to be in sales. I was in my early twenties, so it was almost a decade before I really realized how much of an introvert I was. I mean, I kinda knew I had an idea. I was. I knew that I was different from others and I gradually started.


Making my adjustments and adaptations, I'm a little different than my peers, but, you know, clinically. In psychologically introverted. I'm not sure that I really accepted that until I got well into my thirties. So that being said, I still knew that sales was going to be an uphill battle for me.


But too. Sort of tell you long story short? It, it just paid off. Big time and and I'm glad that that I'm in it. Obviously you are. You might have surmised or also, I probably wouldn't be doing this platform or being in this industry at all. I would've left a long time ago.


Just to be somewhere I was more comfortable with. But I figured it out, at least for me. So hopefully I can share that with you too.

So of all these different reasons. Something that kind of I guess tugs at my heart strings is somebody who's born into it. Doesn't really have a choice. But needs to be in sales for their business. And that's somebody who's probably in a family business. Maybe you're in a small business or maybe you just you're like a startup.


But you are the guy or you are the girl that is in charge of the course of your business. And sort of like what I was talking about with being intrigued with the product, you may not be intrigued with a sales path at all. Going back to my example, let's say you design some particular. Like. Piece of football equipment, like some, some cleats or some footwear, and it's like revolutionary.


And you're a startup and you've got patents. And you've got a plan. Manufacturing sales, all that stuff, but you're just not. A sales person. So, I mean, what you would probably do is you would go out and hire salespeople. Who could help you, but when you're making $0 a year and $0 revenue yet, but you want to pursue it.


You know, the person who has to sell it has to be, you. And what comes to mind is something like shark tank, where these inventors have to go on to shark tank and pitch their products. And they all look like they're just terrified or most people look like they're terrified up there. Honestly, the people who are not terrified or there's probably something wrong with them mentally or they're extroverts or something.


Sorry. I don't know. I just can't relate. I'm sure I would be pretty nervous too. I don't know, we can find out whenever I pitched sales for introverts course on a shark tank. You can find out for yourself and make fun of me, but Those are the kinds of people that I think of. I'm thinking of.


Us local French bakery that just opened up in town. And the gentleman that started it is just from what I'm told, very passionate about. The right ratio in his products of his ingredients and making sure everything is authentically French down to the decor of his restaurant and every little baguette or croissant that he bakes. And he puts himself into every single little thing.


And it's probably just exhausting. But. He's more concerned. I'm guessing about his product and the way that his company is perceived. Maybe not so much about the sales. And the promotion. And the customer service side of things. That might not come naturally to them. So again, that's one of the reasons that I decided to build this in the first place. So if you are out there and that is you, I just want you to know that you are heard and we can see you.


And we're all in it together. We're all trying to figure it out together. just yesterday, I was informed of a friend of mine who was interested in what I'm doing, because she is married to. A guy in the jewelry business. Recently, they took more of an ownership stake in the company, from what I understand. And she is going from what she used to do, which is completely unrelated jewelry, sales. And now she's part of the business she's bought in she's part of the family. She is part of the face of the company and all of a sudden.


She's thrown out on the sales floor. And she's got to figure out how to talk to customers. Something that she's never had to do in her life. And so that's why she was interested in what I had to say. Just to start from the beginning. Just so she can start and build a, a foundation for herself.


Get an opinion on what I had to say. About what it's really like to be a salesperson and that you can do it. And that it is okay. And perfectly acceptable for introverts. I might add, I didn't ask her. I was like, okay, so you're an introvert, right? Or else you can't take the course. I didn't say that I just, she might just be uncomfortable with the process. She might be just overly shy. She may just have zero experience at all with customer service in there for.


Nice to kind of figure out how to, way to dip your toe into that world. Okay. So that's why I'm here. That's where all, while we're all here to kind of band together and figure it out.  

So anyways, those are five reasons that I think that introverts might find themselves in the sales world. Got a different one. Love to hear it. You know, what's your story like wired. What in the world are you doing here? Okay. So let us know. And that, that wraps up kind of the business portion of this podcast now. And let's take a complete left turn. If you listen to my interview with Billy.


Towards the end, I kind of liked to talk about cathartic moments. Cause I love the word catharsis. First of all, but second of all, it's just kind of like what helps you slow down? What helps you relax? What helps you kind of reset and recharge yourself? And the one that I want to bring up today is actually kind of work-related you know,


A lot of times. In our business days. It's filled with hectic schedules and phone calls and customers and handling. Objections or complaints or things like that. And sometimes that is just a lot on top of the regular, you know, triumphs and tragedies of any given to Workday. So. Occasionally I get to actually go back into the warehouse and sort out hardware boxes. And that is actually just very cathartic for me because you can kind of put your phone down, get a box cutter out, you know, just open up a bunch of boxes. And then I resort them for my customers. And so it's exactly what they need when they open the box. They know what it goes to, and it's just, I'm sitting on the warehouse and yeah, it might be hot or cold or a little bit dusty or dirty, but.


It just gives me a minute to do. Just some. Mindless work where I can kind of check my mind out. And actually do something productive with it. You know, that I don't normally get to do so that, that is kind of cathartic in my day. If someone shared that. And I've got a lot of other catharsis type moments that I'll be sharing with you. Some are completely out of left field and not work related at all, but I figured I'd give you a pretty tame one.


On this time.  📍 So. Anyways that pretty much wraps up this episode. I appreciate you listening this far. I've got a lot more planned to continue this conversation about what it's like to be an introvert in the sales world. Okay. Once again, you can always find [email protected] or also on YouTube.


On Facebook. And, or you can just subscribe to this podcast and we will hear from you in next time.


Or you can just subscribe to this podcast and you will hear from me next time we post a new episode. So, thanks so much for listening. Have a great rest of your day. We will talk with you later.    

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