Night Drive: OUTATIME

Mar 21, 2022
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Night Drive: OUTATIME

Sales for Introverts Podcast Episode 12 Transcript  

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Welcome back to the sales for introverts podcast. This is our special segment. We call night drive.


 📍   Night drive. Is a step back. It's a time to unwind. It's a time to recollect. It's a time. Two.


Really reflect on. The lives, we live, the careers we chose. And the world that we live in.


Tonight's episode. Is about time.


So we're going to begin. By talking about. What is clearly and unequivocally. The greatest movie. Of all time.


That is of course. Back to the future.


I had been watching back to the future. Since I was a kid. And I was always obsessed with the idea. Of time travel.


Now. Yeah, of course. It's an entertaining movie. It's an entertaining trilogy. And I just grew up thinking that this is the greatest movie of all time. Nobody can really eclipse it. And it still holds a spot. Near and dear to my heart.


So I often find myself thinking, what would I do if I had a time machine? What would you go back and do? But the funny thing is, is that. For you, your body time just keeps marching on in the same direction. And it's weird. Because when I was a child, I just remember. Boredom.


On a hot summer day. Didn't have a driver's license, nowhere to go. And really nothing to do. I would just be bored. But now where I am now. Middle of my career. I'm a father. I've got kids. I'm married. I live in a house.


I haven't been bored in years.   📍 There is always something to do. There's always somewhere to go. In time, which used to be on my side, as they say. And I used to have a great surplus of. Doesn't exist anymore. I'm in the great. Debt to time. I am always racing against the clock.


It's a little tough. As a tough pill to swallow.


Is it right? Is this the right thing to be. Doing.


To live from one thing to the next.


Now, granted. I think I'm going through a season in my life where. There's just not a lot of personal time. And unstructured time to, to structure my day as I like, because I have a lot of obligations. I've got a work day. I gotta be at work. Got it. Be there to service my customers. And then when I'm at home, I'm needed.


There are non-negotiable things that I have to do. And. It's not like the old days when I was single and I could go home and watch a movie every night. If I wanted to. I have people that depend on me. Which is good. Which is, I think what I wanted. But now that I've been here. I'm a little tired. I'm out of time.


And I don't have a time machine. There's nothing I can do.


When life gets busy. It just seems like there's not enough time in the day.


And so older people, older generations, as they do say better, enjoy it while you can. It will fly by in a moment.


And I'm starting to understand that a little bit. Even though I know a second as a second, a minute as a minute and an hour is an hour. When you run from one thing to the next in life.


It just seems like there's not enough time in the day. Or that there's not as many hours in the day as there used to be.


Is that a good thing? Is it a bad thing? I don't know.


Like I said, I think it's just a season of life. Is just what we're living in.


And to do that as part of living, part of being human, I think. But I also try to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Not to use a cliche or anything


But even during workdays. I still try to stop every now and then. And have a moment of mindfulness. Or get up and walk away from my computer. Even if it's just for three or four minutes.


Just to take a deep breath and to remember. And that today is just a normal work day. Any. Old run of the mill average day.


And just to remember, to breathe a little bit and be thankful for things. Thankful that I've got a job.


Thankful that I have people who depend on me.


That's good stuff. It's hard stuff too. But it's good stuff.    


  You  📍 know, it might not be a terrible thing all the time that it seems like time flies. For example. I've been there and been bored at work and been watching that secondhand crawl around the clock.


That was rough. That was hard too. Just being bored at work. Now, it seems like I put my head down and when the next time I look up, it's time to go to lunch. And then I get back from lunch. I put my head down, look up again and it's dark outside. It's time to go home.


That's really not that bad, you know?


At least you're not bored the day flies by. When you're busy. So that's usually a good thing. But. I don't know, there's just something weird. It does seem like somebody has turned a dial. And time is flying.


I think I want it to slow down someday.


I think I do want to go back. To remembering what it's like to be bored.


I guess. There's time for that. In a different season of life. So for now. I'm buckled in. I'm holding on. And moving forward.    


What do you think? What are your days like? Do you have too much time on your hands? Can anyone have too much time on their hands?


Or are you like me?


Are you constantly racing from one thing to the next, just because there's just not enough of you to go around.


What do you think about that? Is it good, bad. Indifferent. Doesn't matter.


Let me know. Mark had sales for introverts. Dot com. All right. That wraps up.  This night drive segment. I am back in the garage and the keys are out of the ignition. It is time to unwind. Have a great evening or afternoon or morning. If you're listening to night drive. When it's not nighttime. And I hope you have a great rest of your day. 

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