Targeted Ads - Cool or NOT Cool?

Feb 28, 2022
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Targeted Ads - Cool or NOT Cool?

Sales for Introverts Podcast Episode 10 Transcript 

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  📍 Hey, Hey, what's going on everybody. Welcome back to the sales for introverts podcast. It is a beautiful sunny afternoon. As I record this. My kids are asleep. And so I snuck away to break out another podcast for you. And I'm sitting here drinking. A product, which is. Not sponsored. By this  show, but this product is called hop T H O P E T E a.


And It is. The drink itself is interesting, but the story of why I'm drinking it. Also has something. To do with this podcast, I think because the reason I'm drinking it is because it was advertised to me targeted, advertised, and I went ahead and bought it. So. I do feel kind of funny about that. We'll talk about that here. Just a second. But first in case you didn't know, this is the sales for introverts podcast. And my name is Mark Wilson and I run this program. And What is sales for introverts? Well, check us [email protected], but obviously it's a little bit about anything having to do.


 With people involved in any sort of a sales. Capacity type job. But who also find themselves as introverts. So interesting. We don't always think of introverts is being naturally aligned with sales positions. And I would agree with that, but with certain adaptations, Changing the way you do certain things and changing your, your own mindset as well as educating yourself, you can be really successful doing that.


Obviously I feel like I'm one of those people I'm not perfect. I'm not the greatest salesperson in the world, but I'm in a point where I'm comfortable and confident in my career. And I'm happy doing what I'm doing. So once again as I led off yeah, I'm sitting here drinking a hot tea and.


If you're a beer person or an specifically an IPA person or any even LA pale. AOL person. You probably know a little bit about the history of that sort of drink. The reason that people started putting hops. Like that in their beer was because, or making it hoppy. When you hear people talking about that.


Supposedly. Traces itself back to in Britain. In, in the European countries, when. Back during the age of exploration and when people were sailing ships across the sea. They used hops as a preservative to keep their, their drinks fresh in from going from spoiling. So they say that.


IPA's are Indian. Pale ales would survive the trip all the way to India. For it to give the sailors. A beverage to drink. And of course the. And the alcoholic content also help keep it. From spoiling as well. But, you know, I don't know how you feel about IPA's or beers or anything, but.


That's kind of the history behind it. And I myself am not really a huge IPA person. The. The hops. Has a ton of flavor to it. They add a ton of flavor. And so that's why when you distinguish IPA's a lot of people like to add fruit and. Wheat and other things like that to give it even more of a complex flavor. And it can just be a little much sometimes, although I do have a few that, that I'm good with that I occasionally enjoy, but I don't know how.


Facebook knew all that stuff. I have an idea. I have an idea how they knew, but. You know, these days people can track what you do on the internet with your cookies. And then I guess it goes into a profile of some sort, maybe Google or some other company. Compiles this information and it builds a profile around you.


And even if you say no to a lot of cookies, there's already information about you based on your IP address. And your log-ins and things like that. That people can build. Advertising profiles around your interests. And so. I was probably on Wikipedia. I'm on Wikipedia all the time and I was looking up, well, what is an IPA? What does, what, what makes an IPA.


Different from your average garden? Variety. Beer. Okay. And what are hops will hops. Honestly, I'm a little bit unqualified, cause I didn't do research on it, but I believe they're like little flower buds actually. I remember one time telling my wife that Hey, you know, honey, they they, they brew beer from flowers. How sweet is that? You know, trying to make it sound a little bit more appealing.


But which didn't necessarily work, although she has her favorites too. It's not exactly. She's more of a wine person than a beer person, but Anyways. I think. Some point. Something track me and where I looked that up. And so all of a sudden I get a flip over to Facebook and I'm looking at whatever. And I started seeing these advertisements for hot tea.


And. I'm like, look, if you sell your product in a store, if you go to target or whole foods or Publix, where I am. The grocery chain. And you got it on the shelf. Sure. I'll try it. But I'm not going to click on a Facebook ad and go to your company's website, the direct to the manufacturer and order like 24, like a 24 pack of these. Okay. I'm not going to do that.


Because I've never had it before. And I don't know what it tastes like. I mean, I'd rather just have like a little sip. To see if it's something that I like. Well, long story short. About a year later, maybe I was intrigued. I was intrigued by the advertisements. Okay. And about a year later, I happened to be walking through target.


And I hadn't been in a target or a Walmart at all during the whole pandemic phase. So about a year and a half.


My wife was, is the one who usually does that kind of shopping. But I had to go into target one day and lo and behold, I saw some hot tea sitting there. On the shelf. So I grabbed all three different varieties. I grabbed one of each and they have three different flavors available at this particular target.


Checked out and dude, it. Is bizarre tasting. As a person who's. Had. Several different varieties of pale and IPA's, it tastes like you're drinking a beer. And it's really weird. Cause I personally haven't ever had non-alcoholic. Beer. I know why it exists in the market. But I just. It, it, it kind of blew me away. And the weird thing is, is that yeah, there's tea in there, I guess.


I'm looking at the label now and it's caffeine free. What's the point? What the heck am I drinking here? But cause I, I want some caffeine at least. But no, this, it tastes like you're drinking an IPA. Of course it is non-alcoholic. Anybody can have it. Anybody can buy it. I think my kids would be disgusted if they drank it because hops is such a weird.


Like I said complex. Taste on your palate. So anyways, this. The point of this story is to not Endorse or Are not endorsed this particular product called hot tea, but I want to share, first of all, how interesting. It was like, I could drink this over work. If I wanted to, I can drink it at lunch.


I don't know that I necessarily do want to, because I don't love hops that much because it literally tastes like I'm drinking a super hoppy IPA beer. A, I DentiCal. To it, and it's, it's a little strange, but I know there's a bunch of hop lovers out there. There's a lot of guys. In gals that are big.


IPA fans. So maybe that's good for you when you just want to have the taste and you like to. Imbibe a little bit of that hoppy flavor, but you don't want the first of all, calories of beer and second of all, alcoholic content. It might be for you. But going back to what in the world. Why. Did it end up in my place in the first place? Well yeah, so I got targeted.


These ads targeted me on Facebook. And I feel. Kind of weird about that. Like on one hand. I don't want to be targeted. I don't want you to know what I like. I don't want you to track me. And build a profile of me like there's some privacy concerns there naturally. And that's why most companies give you the option now to opt out of cookies? Before I think they all just did it because they could.


And that for at least for their sakes, it was smart business practice, but clearly there's ethical concerns there. Because of privacy. Of course, but if you've been on the internet for any amount of time by now, I mean, you can't erase that. You can't. You can't go back unless the government can somehow mandate that. And I don't see how that they could.


But. And even if they did, does that mean that people will comply with it? I don't know. Because once it gets on the internet, Is staying there forever. Anyways. It's not the only product that has been targeted to me. And I bought it. Strangely enough, also exercise equipment. I happened to buy some exercise equipment.


And I just feel, it feels so cheesy. To me that I was targeted by this stuff because I get target. I've been targeted. Everybody gets targeted for exercise equipment because nobody exercises enough. And then if you're an exercise nut, like some of these people that do CrossFit or cross training or runners or bikers, I bet you also get targeted by exercise equipment. And it just must be something about being a human and being targeted.


All years of your life, unless you're beyond retirement about exercise equipment. And anyways, this particular one I saw touted. I a very quick workout, ha having to do with exercise bands. And it just happened to hit that golden window in my life where. Number one, the marketing was good. Number two, the product was intriguing and number three.


It was exactly what I needed. And so therefore, how could I not buy it? And so I hovered over these exercise videos for a while. I read some of the comments, I checked out the website and then that just made Facebook salivate because they knew I was interested in it. And just. Hammered me. Every single ad was for this exercise band equipment until finally I've gone off the fence and it was expensive too. It was not cheap. I mean, it was not four figures, one in a thousand bucks. It was less than that. But.


It was expensive for what you got. And now it's been about two years and I still use it on a regular basis. I am happy to say. I'm not a full participant in the program. So it's not like I'm Jack now or anything. I wish that it was, but I do enough just to keep in shape and keep the old joints limber.


Enough to chase kids around and play softball occasionally, which has all the activities that I do anymore. Wish I had time to do more, but I don't.


So. Yeah, so hop T this exercise equipment. There's something else that I've been targeted. Yeah before too, and I've gotten, but also the thing about sort of the pitfalls of targeted ads are twofold. Number one, it can't differentiate if you've already made a purchase or not. And number two.


My wife also uses my Facebook. I don't, she uses it probably more than I do. We don't have one of those joint profiles or anything. Okay. I'm not, we're not that bad, but and no offense to those that do. But she, she deleted her Facebook years ago and now she just uses it for the marketplace function.


But the problem with that is. Her browsers think that I'm her. And so I'll get false targeted as all the time. For things that are. Like women's products and women's clothing. And Other. You know, cooking items and things like that, that I have zero interest in them, but it's very, very clear, very specific items.


That she has clearly searched for maybe on like the target website or maybe Walmart pickup or just in the Google browser. I guess. That completely go. Over my head. And so therefore those advertised Tysons are a waste of money. But the other thing is, is, like I said, that they don't know if you've bought something. So at some point hot tea stopped advertising to me after a few months, and I never clicked on anything of theirs.


But exercise equipment. I still use, I still get targeted by exercise equipment, even though I did make a purchase. And it's funny because Facebook gives you the option to say, I don't want to see these ads anymore. Or I already made this purchase stop showing me this stuff about how great it is. You know, I'm already been bought hook line and sinker.


And they give you a little bit of customization there. So. W which is. I guess it brings up any greater question of, do you want to be. Do you want to have targeted ads? Right. So being in sales marketing is a lot of that, which advertising, marketing, and sales are all linked together. Right. But do you even want to be targeted? And I think.


I recall getting asked that question by Facebook because people made such a big fuss about it. I can recall literally a disclaimer that came up that said, Hey, don't you want to see products that are. You know, tailored to your lifestyle. Or do you just want to have general ads run because you're going to see ads. Okay. So if you've got to see ads, shouldn't it be things that you might actually care about?


And I actually labored there for a second. Thinking, you know what? They have a decent point because if I have to see ads, I'd rather it not be. About. Dishwasher detergent. Or window cleaning services, because I don't care about either of those things right now in my life. And probably won't, you know, the one time in my lifetime, I pay somebody to come clean my windows.


I'll look somebody up. But I don't need to know about that. Every day of the year. Okay. Or do I want to get targeted advertisements for network television shows and I don't even have network TV. Right. Okay. So what's the alternative? Well, the alternative is that Facebook knows, like I just mentioned.


That I play softball and I chase kids around. I'm a dad. Okay. So maybe they start targeted. Advertising products to me, based on things that dads do. Camping equipment. Games for kids to play inflatable slides. Right now we're getting targeted for a product called stair slide, which is a plastic.


Injection molded slide that fits on top of your stairway in your house. And both me and my wife were like, yes, please. You know in art, we have it now and our kids love it. Although we don't have carpeted stairs. And so I think it's actually kind of a dangerous product because these kids can.


Pick up some speed. So keep that in your back pocket. But


For me. I think I, I might regret saying this, but I think I would rather see targeted ads if I have to watch ads. Then, let these guys go at it. Show me your best videos. Show me your best advertisement advertising for your best products, because I am still a consumer, you know, I do Spend money on stuff. We spend money on vacations. When we get to go.


We spend money on eating out. So restaurants. In that's, it's kind of funny because Facebook ads, there's not a lot of restaurants that advertise on Facebook. It's mainly products. It's not a lot of services. So, I don't know, travel. Yeah. We're interested in that. And of course, all kinds of kids' stuff. If you can give me a product.


That will occupy my kids and be educational and fun and play type activities for them. I'm willing to listen. Okay. We are willing to listen. At this stage in my life. Now you might be in a completely different stage. For example, you don't have kids. But you love to kayak, for example. And so all of those kinds of products.


Might you might be interested in, so I'm just making the case. I don't have a dog in this fight. I don't care. I'm just saying as just straight up consumer targeted ads. Seemed to make more sense for everybody. Because it gives manufacturers.


Retailers and service providers. And outlet for products. To do well with their companies. With the audiences that they need. But.


General advertisements. Not that great. Let me give you an example, super bowl commercials. I used to love to watch super bowl commercials, and I know how much of a big deal it is, but. Now I just, I don't care. Number one, I don't care what the super bowl in the first place. Because I don't really watch the NFL, but number two,


I'm kind of over. General run advertisements. Right. We cut cable a long time ago and we keep the sling product right now, so we can watch live sports and occasional. Other shows. But. For the most part, we don't, we cut the cable a long time ago. And we are happy with that decision. Now we also have an antenna so we can watch local news as well.


That's kind of important where we live for weather purposes, but But yeah, general advertisement is kind of going the way the dinosaur I'm afraid. So. I don't know. I don't know. What's right. And what's wrong. It's just a different style, a different approach. I am certainly concerned. About privacy.


And I'm sure that somebody can write a good defense for the reasons why targeted ads are the devil. But at least as far as in their best. And at their best. It seems to be a better experience for everybody. Because I do want to support those businesses that create products or services that benefit me.


I mean that's business 1 0 1 right there. So why would we not want to create. A atmosphere where both businesses. And consumers benefit from that. Like think of your favorite restaurant, for example, like you want your restaurant to do well. You want people to go, you want their revenue, revenue, streams to be good. So many of my favorite restaurants in the past, I've had to shut down.


COVID not withstanding just because. They couldn't make it work. You know, it was, they were in the wrong spot. They had the wrong staff. They had the wrong products. I don't know what it was, but they just didn't survive. And now not all businesses can survive everything. Right. If you just, if it just not a great idea or the execution is not good or the location's not good, you can't promise success, but you want to put yourself in the best place possible.


So are you a business that runs targeted ads? Are you thinking about it? Then that's kind of my insights on that. And I encourage you to do it. I think that you should. So I'm going to finish the rest of my tea here again. . It's just a weird, a weird experience, but it's not bad by any means.


And if you like hops and you go for it. But I think that's going to wrap us up for today. Oh, no, it's not. I forgot. Oh, yeah. Arctic moment of the day. So I try to end every podcast and I haven't even done a good job at it lately, but I try to end every podcast with something. I call it a cathartic moment. So what is something that gives you catharsis? Rest renewal?


Replenishment. In life, because that's part of being an introvert is that you need that kind of replenishment. Because you probably don't get it so much from people. So where do you get it from?


Well today, I'm going to make the suggestion that you should go listen to Eric. Satie's. No CNN number one.


That's G N O S S I E N N E. Number one. What a great song. Eric's a T. What a great composer. You've probably heard of his PD, and that is. Been in use in a lot of different movies, but no seeing a number one is also been using a lot of different movies as well. However, it's a little bit more


Down tempo. And not, maybe not as happy as the Gymnopedies were, but very nice, very mood chilling and evocative type track there.


It is just a great track to put on if you're driving or late at night. And you're just trying to unwind from the day. Chill out and relax. It is very renewing for the soul.   And I wish I could play it of course, but you know, this is not a clear channel affiliated program, so we can't just play whatever music you want. So instead, I'm going to fade in our favorite Boston over track from my bud.


Robbie Gomez. You can check him out in the  📍 show notes or you can find him on the internet. You know what I think this song is pretty cathartic as well. So I hope you enjoy it too. So. Let's just hang out until next time for the next sales for introverts podcast. I hope you were able to get some sort of insight out of today, a little bit of a rambling topic, but I hope that you.


Did get something out of it. And of course you can check out more [email protected] I have an online course that you can get to from there. That once again has to do. With, how do you be in sales and be introverted at the same time? Is it even possible? Of course, the answer is yes.


Or else I would not be here today. So. That being said, that's the end of the podcast. And we will check you out later. Hope you have a great rest of your day.   

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