Welcome to the Blog! So, What is Sales for Introverts?

Jan 10, 2022
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Welcome to the Blog! So, What is Sales for Introverts?

Hey!  Welcome to the Sales for Introverts Blog.  Here I’m going to post the transcripts of the Sales for Introverts podcast as well as any other written updates.  I love the podcast format, but others may enjoy quietly reading.  So, here’s episode 1!




[Note: Please excuse any typo’s, punctuation, or odd wording as the software occasionally transcribes it incorrectly.  If in doubt, listen to the episode!]


Oh, yeah. Hey everybody. Welcome to the sales for introverts podcast. This is the very first episode and I am super excited. You probably have a lot of questions right now about sales for introverts and why you're listening to this podcast. But first. You can hear this awesome music. This is by my personal friend, Robbie Gomez. And you can check out more information about him.


In the show notes and he's also all over the internet. So what in the world is sales for introverts? Why is there a podcast? Why are you listening to it? We are going to talk about all of that briefly. And first of all, I appreciate your interest. I have a feeling that as you can tell from the title,


That this is this is about sales, about the profession of sales, all kinds of different sales jobs out there. I am personally a sales person as well. And we'll get into that later. And as you may have surmised, I am also an introvert. So. Let's dive in. Let's talk about some questions that you probably have about this.


Podcast. Okay. So we're going to talk what it's about. We're going to talk about why we're having a podcast in general. Why is there a need to even talk about something called sales for introverts? And then we're gonna talk about where we're going to go. Okay. So, first of all, what is this all about?


All right. So the reason behind this. He is. As I just mentioned. I'm in sales. I've been doing sales for a about 12 years. So not quite a mid-career yet, but been in it long enough that That I, I have plenty of experience and I feel like I know who I am at this point in my life. And


, it was a major adjustment for me at first. Because, because eventually I did find out that I am introverted. Eh, quite introverted, like a hundred percent introverted all the way. Across the scale. But as you're going to find out that doesn't prevent me from doing my job, however it was tough at first, not going to lie.


Um, So I hope you appreciate this delicious irony of somebody like me who gets easily overwhelmed by people. And then I selected a career choice that requires me to reach out to people. Yeah. Was that the smartest thing I ever did? I don't know. You'll find out. Secondly sales for introverts in general is also my platform. It's what I use to host my online course at salesforintroverts.com.


There is a ton more information on the website. And you can also find me on Facebook. I have a Facebook presence there. And we also publish videos on YouTube, which we'll talk about a little bit more in a minute. Okay. But yeah. So the podcast, the website, the YouTube, Facebook, all that stuff is interrelated.


This is just one of my fun ways to reach out. And talk to you.


So later on, we're going to dive in, we're going to talk about me, my story, my journey, probably in a different podcast episode. Because I didn't want to overwhelm you with too much information, right. At first. But a little bit about the course really quick. Of course, this is this is a free podcast. This is just for fun for me in a way to reach out.


And talk to other people. Aye. I kind of like it, to be honest with you, it's, it's different. It's I'm not on camera. And not to worry about a video. And all that hair and makeup that I have to do beforehand. I'm just kidding. I do try to brush my hair before I take a video. But but.


Podcasts a little different, it's kind of like radio, you know, it's a, it's a different kind of production, I guess you could say. But why. Am I doing this podcast in the first place. Okay. Well, great question. Because. As opposed to a video or reading an article podcasts are just awesome for windshield time. You're driving around.


You got headphones in, you're doing a workout. You're traveling. You can even listen while you're at work because Hey, this is pretty much work-related too right. And as I mentioned it is free. So we're just learning here. We're going to have a little fun. Okay. But, you know, is it, is it all about business? Like, do I really want to listen to this stuff on my day off?


I think so, because this is more kind of sharpening the saw, you know, to use the phrase. . Not only is it about business, but it's about personal welfare. It's about your health. It's about your mental health. And also, I just kind of want to have fun with it because the whole topic in general just kind of makes me smile a little bit. How introverts sales, like really, like, you really think that that's.


Those can work together and I'm over here thinking. Well, Yup. It does because I've been there done that, and I'm still doing that. And my goal is to help people.


To get to the same place.


So speaking of that, what kind of topics are we going to talk about? Okay. So I mentioned YouTube. First of all, I'm thinking we're probably going to transcribe some of the YouTube videos over to a podcast. So you can listen to it in the podcast format because honestly, I don't know how many people really want to sit down and watch YouTube instructional videos talking about business topics.


Now. I try to make him as less boring as possible and most applicable and interesting to your life or else. I wouldn't do them at all because I would also be bored and I'm doing this kind of stuff. In my spare time on top of my day job. So interesting topics. Yes, I think so. Although you're welcome to be the judge.


Secondly. Yes. We're also going to have interviews. I already have a few recorded. We're going to post them later. And we hope you appreciate that perspective from others. Not just me.


Next. I also have some random musings and just some general. Interesting creative content. That I think you would appreciate and you'll see what I mean when we get there, but you know, introverts or at least me, I'm pretty introspective and I like to write, and I like to think about things.


And I also observe. So when I see funny office situations come up, I write them down. I've got a list brewing, just ready to talk about. So I'd love to get your input on that. And then last I'm sure we'll have some other future segments. And we're going to focus on creativity and lifestyle as well. Not just business topics.


Next question is why is there a need for sales for introverts?


Okay. It's true. It's not going to be the number one search term on Google. Okay. People aren't dying to know what being a salesperson is like or what being an introverted or extroverted salesperson is like. But I think. It's what some people call a felt need. Now you probably remember this from maybe university class or something, but a felt need is.


Generally like my perception that you need something, but you're not saying it. .


So as a salesperson, being able to perceive needs from your customers and not just relying on exactly what they're telling you to do. Is a fantastic skill. I'm not saying I'm the best at it, but it's a skill that all salespeople need to learn.  


For example. Let's say you're in a sales meeting with somebody or a sales call. And they're nodding their head and they're saying yes, but every other signal, nonverbal signal they're giving you is saying no. And it sounds like they just want you to get out of their office. Well, There might be  a felt need down underneath that.


And nothing's wrong with breaking that ice and being like, you know, something just really doesn't feel right right now, maybe we should talk through this. Is there some sort of objection that you have that. That maybe I didn't cover. Maybe there's a problem with the price, with the products we selected.


I mean. Take any, any sales call you do? I mean, that's going to happen unless everybody loves you, which is. Probably not going to happen. If they do, though, I'd love for you to come work for me. Or I'm going to work for you. One of the, one of the other. So. Yeah. So I felt this felt need in the market.


Ironically, amongst salespeople, not with my customers. Because I can look, I've been in sales long enough that I can look at somebody's face and see. If they're enjoying their job or not. Or maybe enjoying is not the right word, maybe just doing okay. They're healthy in their job. They feel like they're capable at their job. I can look at somebody's face.


For five minutes and I can tell you that. Only discouraged. Do they get down really often? Are they worried about their sales numbers? I mean any good sales manager should, should be able to do the same thing too.


So that being said, I can tell when a sales person is struggling, To talk to their customers. And I think. At least in my case, I can help those people who are introverted having that problem. And as soon as I started mentioning this to other people in different industries, they were just shaking their heads, their jaws hit the ground.


They said yes. That is a problem. I would love to send this to half of my staff. And have them go through your course. So I said, great, I'm going to make this course. Because I knew that, that I could be the one to start doing something about it. Let's face it. Introverts. Aren't exactly the best at handling people.


Especially strangers. My extrovert friends are so much better. At being cordial. Being welcoming. Probably reading people better than I can.


I'm just not good at it. Some of it is effort. On my side, but but not all of it. It's just, some of it is my personality. Because I'm more internally focused. They're more externally focused. Okay. But when I reached my limit or maybe even way before reached my limit, I'll just go out of my way to avoid other people.


And those that I'm forced to interact with. Probably think I'm just some curmudgeon. And that's to use a nice word. I'm sure people have used much worse. Okay. So add into that now that I need to make a living. By interacting with others. And we just create this nice boiling pot of stew, just ready to tip over.


It ain't gonna work. It ain't gonna work. Well, That's why we have to work on it. So.


Introverts in sales positions might feel a little bit of anxiety. Apprehension. Pressure. Discomfort. All sorts of nasty. Adjectives. But that's just me. I mean, let's remember in a business relationship, there's a lot of other peoples involved like employers who experience high turnover and disgruntled employees.


Then you can have customers who feel alienated or ticked off. Wow. We can just make up lots of other dire scenarios, right? So, yeah. That's a super fast overview of what a poor work environment can produce. Without the right levels of balance and self education. But I'm not making this scenario up.


I lived it for years. It is real. And again, I'm not trying to bore you with talk about business, you know, this is your wellbeing. It's what you do. You spend more time at work than you do anywhere else. Sadly, you know, I mean, We you have limited vacation. Sorry guys. Most of the time you got to work for a living or you're asleep.


Except for the five hours that you're at home as an adult, right. You thought being in school was bad. And then you came in adult. But. I didn't want to stay in school. I wanted to be an adult. I wanted to go to work because I control that. Right. And so I picked a career. Because I wanted to control the outcome.


And I picked a hard career for my personality type. No doubt. About that.


Completely fine. Being vulnerable and honest about that. But. It might've been an uphill battle. Lots of rewards. So much learning. I can't imagine if I had picked a different career choice. What kind of person I would be, I would be much less rounded.


Wait. I said that wrong. I'm well-rounded now. I think I would be, I don't know. What do you say? More square if I was something somewhere else. I don't know, you guys can tell me. But I I'm just, I'm a better overall person. My emotional intelligence is much higher. Where I am now in. I have bad days. Like everybody else, I have my struggles, but I do appreciate it. And I really feel like I have accomplished a lot in my career because I chose.


To be a salesperson.


And. Within my work career. Eventually I did begin to find that balance. I leverage my strengths. I respected my weaknesses and sure enough, I found that as a healthy introvert, I could really thrive at this job. Not just survive, but actually thrive. Okay. So this podcast is just a continuation of that conversation.


It's a constant effort to create a community that does a few things. So like, We're going to acknowledge it. First of all, you know, admit that you're an introvert. And then you're going to own it. And I have a video on this and I'm excited about that. We'll post on here. At some point. And then the last.


One thing I want the community to do is just laugh. And I've found this in several. Other introvert literature. That I've read, not necessarily re related to business, but we just kind of laugh about it because the American culture. Is not introverted by default. It is extroverted and you're expected to be an extrovert. And if you do not perform as an extrovert, then you were looked at as weird.


Again, that's to use another nice term. But you can be ostracized. There's something wrong with you. If you don't. Culturally behave like an extrovert.


And that's a little, that's a little sad. I wouldn't say it's depressing, but it's a little discouraging. But people like me. And people like other healthy introverts. Are trying to change that narrative a little bit. And eventually someday, maybe there's going to be some more balance in the culture. I don't know, but.


We're going to give it our best shot. So we're going to wrap up now and we're going to talk about where we're going to go from here. Okay. So again we do have some YouTube videos lined up. We are going to post those as podcasts. We are going to add some commentary to them as well. Dive a little bit deeper because most of my videos are between two and five minutes long.


There's probably a lot more that needs to be said. I want to know what you think. Primarily. Like, and I want to talk to you too. I want you to contact me. My email is mark M a R K. At sales for introverts.com. I want to hear your story. I want to know what you do. I want to know what do we have in common?


And you never know, maybe we'll feature, we'll talk to you and we'll, we'll feature some of your story on on this podcast. I would love that. And I don't care really, if this community is. Five people or 5,000 people. I, but I know. That there's a lot more people out there who work in a business setting who are introverted and who struggled with it.


And we can change that we can help make that better. It's just. I don't know, you only live once, right? So you might as well live. Your best life. Sorry to keep throwing these. These silly phrases at you, these popular phrases, but. You know, there, there is a little bit of truth behind that. Okay.


So.  .


I did want to share with you sort of my mission statement, if you will not use business jargon, but it's the mission statement, vision statement, whatever you want to call it. It's it's. I help introverts become comfortable and confident salespeople who earn more money. Okay. So we'll dive into that a little bit more. Of course I can't promise you that you're going to have more money on your next paycheck.


But I can help you find ways to earn it. And that part's on you. But what's on me. It's to try to help you become more comfortable. And confident. As a salesperson. Or just as a business person. I say salespeople because that's what I do. Salespeople are talking to other people they're talking to strangers, but let's be honest. So to most other people in a different parts of their business,


You know, you work in finance. You're a dentist. You're a lawyer. You know, there's all kinds of different client. Touching. Positions out there and I want to help you become more comfortable, more confident. Hopefully you can earn some more money too. Okay. So that wraps up the very first podcast.


That is awesome. I'm excited about it. It's so much cooler than video. I wish I could have been a radio DJ. I don't know. That would have been fun. Does radio still exist? I'm not really sure. Maybe. But appreciate you listening to this so far. Once again, email me [email protected]


And you can check out more my website at salesforintroverts.com. Okay. I'm excited about this podcast where it's going to go once again. I was not joking. I really do want you to reach out to me, and that is going to be hard for introverts to do, to reach out. But guess what? An email. You don't have to put your picture in there. You just write some text, you can say, Hey man, listen to your podcast. It really sucked. You're an idiot.


You should be taken off of the internet. Or you could, you know, say something actually kind. That would be pretty cool too. Especially, if you resonate with with what I'm trying to do. So again, I really want to encourage you to do that. I know it's hard. It's hard for me to comment on Facebook posts like from my sister. Okay. Because I don't particularly care for other people to see what I think.


Because I'm just that private of an individual. But the whole point of this community is to start a community. Where we can kind of reach out. And even if you don't, if you, even if you're not interested at all in corresponding any further. But you did want to drop a line. You are, of course, welcome to email me directly or comment.


Subscribe. Do all that  fun stuff. Okay, so sorry for that. Belabored outro there a little bit, but again, I look forward to. Talking to you, sales for introverts.com. Let's go introverts. Let's take over the world. Or just find our place in it. Okay. See you next time. Thanks again.

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