Why EVERYONE Should Work in Retail/Service at Least Once!

Feb 21, 2022
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Why EVERYONE Should Work in Retail/Service at Least Once!

Sales for Introverts Podcast Episode 9 Transcript  [Note: Please excuse any typo’s, punctuation, or odd wording as the software occasionally transcribes it incorrectly.  If in doubt, listen to the episode!]



 Hey everybody. Welcome back sales for introverts podcast. Listen. I never said that you wouldn't have to get out of your comfort zone. Okay. You're going to have to push it. You got to do it any ways in life all the time. Okay. You always have to get out of your comfort zone. Okay. And I never said that you didn't have to.


And that's kind of what we're going to talk about today. That's why I think that everybody should work in retail or the service industry at least once in their life. And if you missed your chance when you were a teenager, Or early in your career or early in your twenties, then you should still do it. Go volunteer.


Somewhere. Go work at the gala when you've got people wearing black ties and beautiful ball gowns. That will demand a particular drink or something like that. You need to go do that because it is so important, you will learn so much from those experiences. And for those of us that were able to capitalize on that, and we're able to do that, or maybe still work in those industries. I do.


You will know. What I'm talking about. And what I'm about to talk about when we share this clip from this video that I did for YouTube. Because look. It was like I said, disclaimer, you do have to get out of your comfort zone a little bit. Now. Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Mark Wilson and I run sales for introverts.com.


My goal is to help people become more comfortable and more confident. Especially those people that are in sales and are introverted. And hopefully if you can do that, Take my course. And hopefully you will earn more money. That's pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell, but you do have to get out of your shell just a little bit. If you want to grow just a little bit, don't worry. You still get to be you. You still get to do things.


Your way for the most part. Okay. So anyways, the topic at hand today is talking about retail and here's why everybody should work in retail or sales. Service jobs at least one time. So, what do I mean by retail or service jobs? Well Retail as a store, a brick and mortar store. You know, You've got people coming in. Let's say you work at the grocery store, you work at a clothing store, you work at a hardware store. You work in a department store selling clothes, selling something, even if you're just ringing people up, you know, it doesn't have to be like super salesy or anything.


It's just, you work in an environment where customers come in, they make a transaction with you. You give them the goods and then they go home because they're happy. Oh, right? Yeah, of course they're happy. Well, sometimes it doesn't always work out that way and I'll share some funny stories with you.


After this clip. But that's what I mean by retail or service job service industry food service. Imagine that dealing with people. Good grief. People working in food service. You know, they're saints. They all get a little crown.


They're just saints. Okay. And it is, it's gotta be hard to do that, especially as you get older, you'll learn how to just kind of relax a little bit. When you go to a restaurant something's wrong. Maybe once you become like a senior citizen, that's when you start yelling at the kitchen, I don't know.


I hope that's not me someday, but. Yeah, food service or any sort of service industry, like


Banking mortgages, things like that. Working so front-facing with customers. You know, I feel it for you guys. And again, I also work in that too. I work in construction, but I'm a sales guy and I help people find the exact products that they need. And if they have a problem, they're calling me, you better bet. So, or somebody on my team and I'm thankful for that too. But at the end of the day,


If there's a problem, then it's me. It's on me and I have to fix it. To the best of my ability. So anyways.  We're going to go to this clip now and i'm going to tell you why everyone should work in a retail job or a service job at least once okay here we go So there's some people that say that everybody should work in retail or a service industry job at least once. And if the train of thought behind that is so that you can be a more reasonable understanding, kinder human being. And I'm all on board with this. These are people who literally serve you things waiters, fast food staff, close store.


Big boxes, anything where you are the in-person customer, when you yourself experience how easy it is to mess up in these fields or upset people, you'll be far less likely to yell at the kitchen when you get fries instead of salad. And you'll probably tip a little more because you understand how tough some of these jobs.


But of course the retail and service industries are front line facing with your customers. And this can be more than a little intimidating for introverts, quite frankly. I'm sure introverts avoid these kinds of positions, but you may not have a choice. Well, if that's you or you're considering a position like this, you can gain a lot professionally by diving.


I've been there personally, and I've had the benefit of these experiences. So here's a few of my takeaways from when introverts go to work at a restaurant or retail outlet or similar takeaway, number one, you'll be uncomfortable, but it will make you stronger. Look, I don't know how many people who can hide in their house all day.


You need to develop yourself. And become well-rounded rather than lean too far, enter your introverted quirks. It's just part of being an adult. Being thrust in uncomfortable situations will help you rise up and figure out how to get through it. You'll be surprised how quickly it really isn't that bad to have to deal with people.


And while you'll be tired at the end of the day, you'll also gained some great confidence in yourself that will help you wherever you go. It's not uncommon for people to put themselves in uncomfortable situations so that they grow. And I'll tell you a story. My brother-in-law is all about cold showers for some reason.


And I'm sure there's some health benefits to it. I think I've heard of those before, but he's all about cold showers. And the reason is the main reason is. Is that it makes his, makes him uncomfortable, makes his body uncomfortable. It makes us brain uncomfortable. I'm sure. But he conditions himself to be an uncomfortable situation so that when other things happen to him in life or in business or personal things that he gets used to the discomfort that he experiences in this case with a cold shower.


But just goes to show you that. When you expose yourself to things that are uncomfortable, it really does help you grow. It helps you grow as a person and as an individual. So the second thing is you'll learn how to talk to people. It sounds simple. I mean, but it wasn't for me, I knew basic manners that my parents taught me, but talking to complete strangers.


In a professional environment. It took time in practice. You'll recognize it instantly and people who know how to do it. Imagine you're at your favorite kitchen retailer. You're trying to return a blender and the young man behind the counter just sounds right.  Yeah, I will. Sorry. I can't get it to scan.


I'm sorry. I don't know. Well, that's, that's the irritating first. But someone who understands how to speak professionally might say, oh yeah, I've seen these on our shelf before. I'm so sorry. It doesn't seem to be coming up. Let me get with my manager and we'll get this sorted out. Sounds a lot better.


Doesn't it. All right. And number three, the last takeaway is the best way to get sales experience, especially if you have. Thank you. You want to get into sales, but you're not quite sure or what to apply for a sales job that requires some experience and you have nothing. Well start waiting tables, take a retail sales associate job.


You'll be surprised. You ask a lot of the same questions that pro salespeople do, who are making six figures by getting the practice so to speak in these situations. It'll make sales skills start to develop a lot earlier. Then when you're interviewing later and they asked you about your waiting experience or whatever, you can tell them the truth.


I wanted to develop my people skills. That's an impressive thing to admit. So in closing the retail service industry, fill it for you guys. I've been there or power to you. It may not be natural for us introverts, but if you're willing to give it a shot, I think he will grow beyond what you think you can do.


So check out more of my stuff, sales for introverts.com or all my other videos on my YouTube channel. Okay.

All right, so there you have it. Three big takeaways


For any kind of retail or service job? So the reason that I got into it in the first place is because I couldn't find anything else back during the downturn. And that was. Very bad for me. Like I was expecting to. Wear a suit to work every day. But the irony is I did. I had to wear a suit because I worked in a department store.


I wasn't walking into a big building downtown. I was walking into a big box. And that was just unexpected. For me. But I learned three big things that I just mentioned. Number one, I learned how to talk to people. I didn't know how to do it before. I was straight out of college. I was so rough around the edges.


I just didn't know that there was just a particular way. To handle yourself in a business environment. And I learned that because I worked in retail. Number two. I subjected myself just like a cold shower to discomfort on purpose. And it really did desensitize me. Two things that I thought were a big deal that really weren't like just picking up the phone and calling somebody.




Having to work face to face with people that I didn't know or didn't want to know. This is funny as that sounds. I number three sales experience. Big time, big benefit right there. It might, you might not think that you get a lot of sales experience by ringing somebody up at the counter. Or handling a cash register drawer.


Or just greeting people when they come into a store, but all of those things build really important. Building blocks and foundations for you for your sales career. So that's why it's so important. And now I mentioned earlier, maybe you've avoided retail or service food service or anything like that before.


I've never actually worked in food service before. And that's something that I still want to do. So that's why I said, Hey, go volunteer somewhere at a fundraiser or some big event, or even maybe you can Moonlight. As. Caterers assistant or something like that. Somebody who works with people in food.




And you'll find. That the experience you get from that. Is invaluable as well as you might actually have a little bit of fun with it because the pressure's kind of off, you're just doing it to learn or to have fun. So roll with it. All right. So I promised some funny stories. Well, I don't know how funny they are, but they're just very much retail.


From my retail experience. So.


I've seen a lot of stuff in my retail days. Now don't forget. Not only did I work at a big box department store selling clothes, but I also worked in my family's lumberyard growing up since I was like 13. And pretty much the only positions that a 13 year old can do is like taking care of the frontline customers and filling up their trucks with whatever they bought. So one day we're outside and this beautiful dog is inside this truck and has got his window rolled down about two or three inches.


And I helped the customer get their stuff loaded up. And I think I'm going to be friendly, you know? And so I just offer my hand to this dog. I'm going to pet the, scratch the dog a little bit. Yeah, that dog. A bit, me razor sharp teeth, and I pull my hand back and I look at my hand and now blood is running down. It. And this guy was still so nice and so cordial. I was like, I don't want to say like, dude, your dog just bit me. Like, Hey, I work here, man. And I'm the one who stuck my hand in there. I subjected myself to that, but blood running back down towards my wrist now, and I was just like, ah, okay, sir, have a nice day. And I ran away.


Thankfully that happened. Right at the end of the transaction. When I worked at the clothing store. I've actually crossed paths with a former NBA player. Who was working at the store.


Yeah, that sounds a little bit odd. What had happened was he was actually from the area originally. And he did play in the NBA and he, I believe he got sent over to Europe or Germany or somewhere, he had a really cool story, but for whatever reason, that career didn't work out. So he came back home and just got the first job that his mom told him to get probably, which was working right next to me.


And he had this nice Cadillac escolade rolling up. And this was back in the. And like around 2008, when those were like the most popular cars. And. He invited me to lunch. One day we went to sneaky pizza cause that's where he wanted to go. And I was like, well, you used to play in the NBA and you want to go to sneaky Pete. So I'm going to go to sneaky pizza and we're going to go get a hot dog at this gas station. So that was fun. It was fun to get to know him, even though that was just a very brief.


Period in my life and in his. We also had shoplifters that was really kind of weird and just icky. One guy came in, he had weighed probably like 400, 500 pounds and they wheeled him in. On a, a wheelchair. And. They just carted him in a whole family of folks in this guy in the wheelchair. And they went back to back in the, back to the changing room.


And brought a whole bunch of really nice. Blue jeans with them. Now these blue jeans would run like a hundred between 130 and $200 a payer.


And so what they did was they took them all back in the changing room. Several of them went back there. And they would pry off the security tag that was pinned in there. And the very large gentlemen. They helped him stand up and then sit right back down on those really expensive blue jeans and just tried to.


Exit the store and sure enough, the loss prevention people were really right on to what they were trying to do. And they met them right outside and said, mm. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Then they call the police. There was another situation where I had to help. One of the loss prevention guys tackle a shoplifter who had come in. They, he had him like in a half headlock trying to subdue him in the airlock or the store. Like as you exited the store,


And he just, he was going solo against the shoplifter guy and the shoplifter was starting to get the upper hand. So I was like I don't know. Clearly I need to help. There was just people standing around just watching this situation, like five or six other people in a circle. And of course now I know that goes an invincible back then in my twenties, but there's all kinds of legal implications that could happen, but I ended up grabbing helping the.


Helping him cuff the shoplifter and subdue him. But dude dang. He was he was not giving up without a fight. He did not want to go to jail. Unfortunately for him. I think that's what happened. So here I am with the, my like, suit and tie on, and I'm all gotten a scuffle with somebody and I'm not I'm not a physical.


Type. Fighter type person. So that was a. Very a out of body experience for this introvert. But we did it. We survived. Hey, you know, that's retail. So, those are just some quirky stories from my time. I'm sure that I've got a lot more than I'll share at some point. Whenever the time is right.


But anyways, the point still rings. True. If you don't have retail experience. Go get it. If you do. Think about all the lessons that you learned and let me know what you think. I mean, what else happened to you? In your retail or service experience or that you're currently still experiencing if you're still in that industry.


Like I said, so am I, and so what, what do you get out of it as an introvert? What are your particular challenges? You know that you have to face. In your job. I'd love to hear from you. I'm [email protected] That's M a R  📍 [email protected] Of course, all the rest of my material is on our [email protected]


And I think that's going to wrap it up for this particular episode and I look forward to more hanging out with you. Thanks for hanging out with me. That's awesome. Come join us and be a part of our community. We have a Facebook group. So just go to Facebook and search for sales for introverts, and you will find our group just requested join. I'll let you in.


I promise. So other than that, feel free to reach out, check out my course. And we will see you next time. All right. Have a great rest of your day.    


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