Introvert 101

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Introverts, Extroverts, how do I know?

Here are some helpful observations.
  •  It's just a description, not a diagnosis. You don't have to be all one or all the other.  Most folks I speak to feel they lean in one direction, but tend to stop short of claiming it.  That's OK.  For example, you feel like you might be an introvert at work, but outside of work, where you get to go play sports, hang out with friends, etc, you feel energized and have fun.  You can certainly feel different based on different situations, but generally you might default back to one side.  
  •  However, it does have a biological basis.  If you ever feel like you're having to fight against your will to put yourself out there, "forcing it" around other people, or simply struggling with not having enough peace and quiet, it's OK.  There's nothing wrong with you.  It's actually just how you are wired.  How you can manage and take advantage of that is why Sales for Introverts exists. 
  •  All personalities have something to gain here.  While my course & this community were designed with introverts in mind, that doesn't mean it's exclusive.  Extroverts too will have introverted customers & coworkers they need to know how to talk to!

Introverted Traits

If This Is You... You're In The Right Place


  •  Chill time.  Relaxing or unwinding solo or in smaller intimate groups.  You're more likely to find excuses or ways out of social solicitations.
  •  Enjoys reading & writing.  Got a four hour flight?  You've come loaded with 2 books, a ton of music, and a few movies you've been wanting to watch. 
  •  Leans a little more on the passive / reserved / contemplative side. When tricky scenarios come up, you might prefer to observe the action for a while before (or if) you weigh in.
  •  Can feel overstimulated sometimes. When a lot of external stimuli are flying at you, sometimes it can be too much, and you want to crawl into a shell... or bed. 



Extroverted Traits

If This Is You... Welcome to the World of Introverts!


  •   Social Time.  Getting out with friends, socializing.  You might be the organizer, or one who craves for more fun events and activities to pop up. 
  •  Prefers conversations.  Got a four hour flight?  Boring!  Let's chat it up with our seat neighbor.  Stewardess, two drinks please! 
  •  Active participant.  Something going on with your name involved?  Better believe you're going to let your opinions be heard. 
  •  ​ Seeks out stimuli.  Sitting idle is not a great option. 


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