Here's the backstory behind the course.


I've worked in sales roles for over a decade.  I've been both inside and outside sales, B2B, B2C, phone sales and in person sales.  I actually like being a salesperson.  But it took a little convincing. 

When I was first starting out, I showed up to my first sales job at a department store selling men's clothes.  I probably blushed the whole first month.  
After that I began a career as an inside salesperson for a national building products distributor in Atlanta, GA.  My days were filled constantly on the phone assisting customers, managing territorities, growing accounts, upselling, cold & warm calling, and making friends with customers.  Since I mainly handled customers from New England for years, I mostly lost my native Southern accent as they couldn't understand me. 
After that I returned home to Huntsville, AL to work for the family building materials business that my grandfather started in 1949.  I now actively manage a regional territory in a hybrid inside/outside sales position.  Although I am tempted daily to move to a remote tropical island, I reside in Huntsville now with my wife & two wild boys.

First off.  I never dreamed I would be "in sales."

Growing up I never realized I was introverted.  In fact, I was well into my thirties when the light finally went off.  I knew what an introvert was, but never really applied it to myself.  I knew I liked some alone time. I like to read, write, watch movies by myself, play old video games if I ever get a shred of time. But introverts?  Aren't they those bookish types who live in libraries or something?  Well, maybe a few do, but finally I realized it was exactly who I was too.  

It's quite odd then that I chose to go into a career field where my natural skills weren't exactly as useful.  Engineering?  Math?  Science?  Yeah, I probably would've been suited more for that, but I didn't like any of those fields.  But I knew Sales was something I could take anywhere.  The only problem was... it was HARD for me for a LONG time.  
I guess I have a soft spot for those who feel like underdogs.  And if I can help introverted underdogs succeed then that is what I am after.  

You Have a Story Too.

Let's work together, eh?

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